Vehicle Infrastructure Integration


The nation's transportation infrastructure is one of our most important and valuable assets. Several questions face federal and state transportation agencies:

 • How can we most effectively manage this asset?
 • What is really happening on our nation's roads?
 • What information can be gathered from the vehicles?
 • How can that information be used?


The U.S. DOT’s IntelliDriveSM program and its Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) predecessor were instituted to answer these questions. Cars and trucks are becoming increasingly self-aware—crammed with sensors, computers and intelligent devices. The use of roadway sensors to detect traffic and weather conditions is prevalent, even in the smallest cities. The core purpose of the IntelliDrive programs is to merge the data from all types of infrastructure and vehicle sensors into information products for transportation agencies and the traveling public. These products—for example, roadway condition monitors and real-time traveler information—will in turn create additional opportunities for value-added aftermarket products and services.

Mixon Hill has been involved in VII and IntelliDrive programs since their inception. We are currently working with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to facilitate the use of specialty aftermarket equipment as a means of acquiring data from probe vehicles for traffic monitoring and roadway asset management. The efforts of MDOT, its aftermarket suppliers, and Mixon Hill are creating new opportunities for allowing vehicles and their drivers to become part of solving the nation’s traffic congestion and safety challenges.