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I-95 Corridor Coalition IS Network


The I-95 Corridor region extends from the Canadian Atlantic Provinces and into the United States from Maine to Florida. In 2006, 110 million people lived within this defined area. In the United States alone, the region covers 10 percent of the nation's land area but contains 37 percent of its population. The I-95 Corridor region's transportation systems are among the most complex and densely developed in the world. The Corridor region also comprises dozens of transportation management centers, traveler information services, and regional information sharing systems, each containing critical information about transportation incidents and events. However, these systems are unable to share data with one another during emergency or disaster situations.


The I-95 Corridor Coalition was formed to facilitate travel within the corridor and to effectively manage major highway incidents that impacted travel across jurisdictional boundaries. It is an alliance of transportation agencies and related organizations, including toll authorities, law enforcement and rapid/mass transit providers. The I-95 Corridor Coalition includes affiliate members in Canada.
The Coalition provides a forum for key decision and policy makers to address transportation management and operations issues of common interest. By working together, the Coalition is able to achieve more than the individual jurisdictions could by solving problems using local solutions exclusively. The I-95 Corridor Coalition is a successful model for cooperation and coordination across state, local, and national jurisdictions.